What They Don’t Tell You On The Six-Figure Path

(And why you don’t want to buy into the hype that’s out there.)


Oh, there is so much to say on this topic!

Many will brag about how quickly they got their biz to the six figure mark.

They share how it was a journey, and often have their ‘blueprint’ of how they made it happen and are attempting to sell you their formula.

But there are parts that may not be being talked about. So that’s what this article is about.

I’ll be up front and say that my road to six figures wasn’t an overnight success story!

A huge issue that cost me time, money, and credibility was that I was plagued with not owning my value. So even though I was really talented, I wasn’t stepping up and charging what I should have.

That meant that the $$ didn’t flow, the marketing didn’t work, the opportunities didn’t come, and mostly I couldn’t do the great work I was to do in the world.

It’s a whole different story today.

I cracked the code.

But it wasn’t easy.

It was the hardest thing I have ever done.

Worth every moment, but what I *thought* would get me to that six figure mark, was not at all what it took.

But the gift of that struggle for me is that I now get to teach it. I know intimately the cost of not doing it right, so my work is to help you avoid some of what I had to go through.

These are the 3 things that must happen if you desire to create business success. (And if you notice, these are all ‘inner game’ strategies.)

1. You must get rid of a ‘plan B’.

2. You must be willing to let your old identity go.

3. You must be bigger than your fears.

Let me tell you why having a back-up or contingency plan will kill your success.

Simple. Because if you are one of those heart-centered entrepreneurs who are leading with your soul’s nudging, your business is like your ministry. It’s the work you are supposed to do in the world.

It’s your gift to humanity.

So your saying, “Yeah, this is cool and all, and I’ll give it a good shot, but if it doesn’t work out I can always fall back on xyz……” is sorta like telling the Universe to ‘stuff it.’ Okay maybe it’s not like that in your mind, but most of us get a tiny glimpse of what’s possible and who we have to be to allow that to come forth in us and we freak out.

See, we have been taught to plan. Organize. Have all the ducks in a row. Make sure we have something to fall back on.

But that’s not really how it goes if you live a life of faith and are guided by Something Bigger.

That process sounds more like this kind of conversation:

“What? I’m supposed to do this? I have no idea how to. I don’t feel like I can. Really? Me? Ya sure? I’m deciding today that there will be no backup plan in case this doesn’t work. I’m all in. I’ll do whatever it takes to allow this to happen. I’ll let go of what I need to let go of and become who I need to become to see this dream come to fruition. The only option is to have it work. Period.”

That is the stuff of a committed, focused, mission-driven business owner.

So look at yourself. Are you that clear?

One of the things that I did a few years ago that really freaked me out was to ‘burn the ships.’

That meant, I let go of my therapy license and could never ever again go back to earning money in that way. It punctuated that I was now fully immersed in the world of coaching/consulting, and HAD to make money doing that, versus having that little voice in my head that told me I could always go back. Nope. Burned the ships. No going back. Only forward. And it was a game changer!

So what do you need to let go of in your plan B?

The next place on the six figure journey that you must address is two-fold. Identity and fear.

One of my clients was working through the clearing exercises I taught her. In her journaling she discovered that there was a part of her that was afraid to charge more and ‘get bigger’ because what if she lost some people? What if her clients left or thought she had changed too much?

See, this belief for her was under the surface and holding her back…until she began the exploration to discover what was interfering. Her identity of being the ‘helper’ and ‘saving everyone’ was costing her the next level of her business success.

Another problem is that often we have a huge identification struggle.

The old stories of how hard it was, or why things haven’t worked for us keep replaying and replaying and replaying. But the trick is to STOP THE STORY and only focus on the future and what you desire to create. (Tweet this!)

This was the key for me in flipping the switch to allow money to flow in more easily. I began to ‘own’ the identity of a successful, money making business owner even when the money hadn’t yet arrived. I had to stop the conversations with well-meaning friends about how sucky it was that the sales weren’t happening.

Nope. I had to see and act and believe that I was already that which I desired.

And then I had to release all the fear that was running around in my head.

The next part of the equation is that you do the work…and then you surrender.

Now for most of us driven-type A-overachieving-workaholics, this is a butt kicker!

Surrender? Do less? Wait? Have faith? STOP working?


And yes.

This is the precise key. A year ago when I was beyond burned out I made the conscious decision to get off the train. The biz was bringing in good money but I was exhausted. Not liking my life or how I was working, I simply stopped.

Then waited.

And only acted from what was coming through me to do.

No striving.

No pushing.

No left brain planning.

Faith that what I was guided to do was the exact thing that needed to happen to take me to the next level.

The result? My life is so much better. I’m a better mentor because I can show the clients I’m blessed to work with how to crack the code for themselves. I’m more present to those I love. And isn’t that what we are really in business for?

Hope you enjoyed this article. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.
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Therese Skelly is a Mindset Expert and Business Coach who works with mission-driven entrepreneurs. A former psychotherapist, combined with years of marketing/strategy and consulting, Therese offer’s the perfect blend of both “inner game” work and tactical, real world strategies that allow her clients to see the results they desire.



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