Want to Grow Your Business? Grow Yourself First!

You signed up for this, right?

This personal-transformation-through-owning-a-business roller coaster you may find yourself on from time to time. Some of us do it consciously, but for many others, you get halfway in, and come to realize that you are being asked to play bigger than ever before.

Maybe it’s becoming a leader. Or maybe it’s in owning your value and holding firm in charging rates that fit your level of expertise. Or perhaps it plays out by you being pushed to leverage your time and talent to create a business that reaches many more people than you ever anticipated.

I really believe that the thing we call business can be a huge catalyst for our growth and transformation.

But let me tell you who this article is for so you can decide if you want to keep reading, ok?

If you just want a cash biz and have no regard for changing lives, leaving a legacy, making a difference, or being the best you, you can be… you may not be one of my ‘peeps.’

The folks I’m talking to and talking about are the ones who know that their business is in alignment with their life purpose. These are the change makers. The “crazy-sane” business owners who are just courageous enough to persevere through the often challenging moments in running a business because they know that the work they are doing in the world is important.

I guess I should start with my view of business. Actually, I call it Business…with a capital “B” because I want to give it its due.

You know before coaching I was a practicing psychotherapist for 25 years. In that time I did TONS of personal growth stuff. I’ve also been on a spiritual path for equally long, and have also done almost every self-help, growth activating tool around. But it has been Business that has brought me to my knees and Business has been the catalyst for more growth than anything I have ever done. Why? Seven words –

The Entrepreneurial Journey is a Spiritual Path

Plain and simple. Once you say yes to being an entrepreneur who has a vision to make a difference, EVERYTHING in your life that no longer serves has to go away. Everything. And that means that things will come up to challenge, test, and refine you.

You may have heard the story of Michelangelo who when asked, “How did you create David from this block of marble?” replied…”Simple…I just chipped away everything that wasn’t David until he emerged.”

And that’s why Business can sometimes feel hard. All the things that are not the powerful you have to be released.

Let’s face it. If you are a service provider, it’s HARD to charge top dollar rates when everyone is lowering theirs and complaining about a sluggish economy.

If you are a kind person, it’s HARD to not give a refund or say no when a customer makes a request of you.

And it can be HARD to be selective about who you hang out with, manage your energy, and learn to trust that you are on the right path.

That’s some tough stuff my friend!

So this article isn’t one of those paint-by-numbers ditties that can make it all go away. No, this article is designed to normalize your experience and give comfort.

Why? Because sometimes it’s freaky and scary when it feels like things are breaking down.

When I was in a coaching program a few years ago, the book we used was called, The Last Word on Power: Executive Re-Invention for Leaders Who Must Make The Impossible Happen. Truthfully it’s written more from a corporate perspective, but the premise is exquisite. The author invites you to “put at risk the success you have achieved for the ‘possibility’ you can be.” Deep, cool, juicy stuff.

The author shares that THE THING that used to get you the most success in life, will BREAK down if you want to go to the next level.

So if you happened to be one of those first-born, overachieving, super-hero, competent, get-stuff-done types like me…BUSINESS will give you a chance to dismantle that. Why? Because usually the things that we rely on as strengths and how we gets our needs met (like being competent, or nice, accommodating) will fall away as the NEXT LEVEL of skills in us has to emerge. That doesn’t mean you’ll wake up being a crotchety old business woman, but it means that if you are committed to being nice and cling to it for dear life and it costs you being powerful… it may need to shift.

Why? Because you have maxed out how far you can go using those old skills/strengths. But, that breakdown process is one scary one let me tell ya!

You may be asked to create skills and ways of being that you never had before. You may feel ‘naked’ as you let go of the old way of being and wait for the newly formed you to emerge. And yet if you do the work, on the other side is transformation. Sweet, exquisite change that will all make sense and catapult you to the next place where you are to work from.

Yes, my friend Business is like a sweet ass-kicker in service of your greatness.

Say yes to it, okay? Say yes to becoming the best you possible. Say a big yes to making the biggest difference you can. And know that you are not alone on the journey. I’m right here, walking the walk with you and would love to support you.

Peace and blessings…

Therese Skelly is a Mindset Expert and Business Coach who works with mission-driven entrepreneurs. A former psychotherapist, combined with years of marketing/strategy and consulting, Therese offer’s the perfect blend of both “inner game” work and tactical, real world strategies that allow her clients to see the results they desire.



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