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Time to sky rocket your results? Sick of paying for coaching that either takes months and months, or just plain old hasn’t worked?


If you know your business has way more potential and  you are ready to make much more money, you’ll want to watch this video.


When you come for a VIP day you will be getting a blend of inner game work and outer game strategies.  Inner game means you will be working on a more solid “mental/belief’ foundation so you’ll have increased confidence, be able to charge more, and be comfortable selling your services.

Then we move on to the strategy part.  This is very often where the ‘deconstruction’ begins.  We tear down the old business model and create one that will work with your energy, your values, and the profit level you desire.   Sometimes this looks like starting from scratch, or it may look like re-designing your website and special offer.  We then create your 90 day action plan so you know EXACTLY what you are doing and why.  (None of this is ‘airy-fairy stuff’ because you’ll be very grounded in the new strategies and direction you and I come up with.)

But the secret, game-changing tool is really the WaveMaker.  Designed to remove any unconscious blocks that have held you back, this is super powerful.  And here’s why….if you are not ‘resonating’ with something, you actually repel it.  So we can come up with a great strategy, marketing plan and income model, but if unconsciously you are not in resonance with the amount of money you desire to earn, or the programs we set up…it just won’t work!

So everything we do is done first in the level of creating it on paper, then testing it against YOUR hidden/unconscious beliefs.  If they are supportive, you’ll be successful.  If not… this is where failure or sabotage comes in.  And this is what makes a VIP day with me totally unique.

People are BLOWN away by the results.  Years of struggle and confusion and immediately transformed in just a day.  It’s possible with me as your guide.

Experience the Wavemaker yourself and have a business breakthrough!  The work I do with people in these live VIP-style days is quick. It’s like a 6-month coaching program in one day. There are only a few spots open, so feel into it. If you are ready for a change…ready to feel hope…ready to finally be the rock star you know you are, click on the link below and email Therese and discuss how it can work for you to partner up and grow your business.


If you’re in the area and are ready for a business breakthrough, book a call with me to discuss the possibilities.  BUT, here’s the good news….I’ll also be willing to discuss traveling to your location if you can’t make these dates.  You are free to come to gorgeous Scottsdale, Arizona, or we can chat about my flying to you.

If you are sick to death of just sputtering along and want to ramp your business up (and finally break free of whatever is in your way) sign up for the email below and we’ll have a no obligation consult to see if this is the right thing for you and your business.  There are payment options available, and I guarantee you….this WILL be the thing that shifts your business!


Have you ever watched one of those shows where they clean a kitchen top to bottom and it appears glistening and clean… yet under the microscope lurk deadly bacteria and loads of gunk? Well, that’s how I was when I came to Therese. I had done a LOT of work around my money mindset, my money beliefs and I figured I didn’t need much help. Oh was I in for a big surprise!Therese was able to find, and in her words “debug”,  a series of underlying “microscopic” beliefs that were getting in the way of my financial success and confidence. She found subtle nuances in me that were literally telling people “Hey, don’t buy from me!” and proceeded to turn things around.Shortly after our work together, everything started to click. I felt a new found sense of power when making big offers, my confidence in my own work soared, and I dramatically raised my level of income. I started making in a month what I used to make in a year (seriously!)If you feel like you’ve got your nose pressed to the glass watching everyone else reach 6 and 7 figures in their businesses, you must start working with Therese. You need more than a new tactic, you need your beliefs rewired because YOU are ultimately in charge of your success. Therese is the person who can take you there.Thanks Therese for all you’ve done!
Nancy Marmolejo
#1 Visibility Expert for Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs

The best thing about working with Therese Skelly on my business and money mindset is that she quickly identified and eliminated the self-imposed limits I had created for myself that I didn’t even realize I had.You see, even though I had everything I needed to double or triple my business income, I was puzzled as to why I wouldn’t follow through or see the full results.  But the light bulb went on when we explored how much I thought I could make as an entrepreneur and I realized I had limited myself to earning what I had earned in my corporate career.Through my coaching with Therese, I came to see EXACTLY what the root issue was that held me back and with her help I was able to blast it away in a matter of minutes!

With Therese’s powerful combination of intuition, Wavemaker technology and her amazing coaching abilities there is nowhere to hide or lie to yourself—which is a liberating thing!  She helped me overcome a lifelong limiting belief I had never even realized was there and I’m now hitting bigger income levels and am amazed at how quickly I’m moved into easy, confident action to help me achieve my bold business goals. I feel as though I’m working at a whole new level because of the mindset freeing work I’ve done with Therese!

Shawn Driscoll


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