How to Get Off the Plateau That is Holding You Back

Break Through

Your Upper Limit!

You have been in business awhile, and know what you should be doing, but it may not be working.  (Or you aren't doing it!)

You know you are what gives?

You have already had success and know how to make money, so why are you not making even more?

You also have that budding awareness that you might be getting in your own way but haven’t figured out how to stop that.

You are also probably getting pretty darn sick of not being where you’d really like to be.

What you really want is a business that is profitable, let’s you do your great work in the world, and helps lots of folks.

I get it!

I have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and found a way out.

Here’s what you would love to have in your business.

You want help finally NAILING your message.

You want to be seen/heard/held and not put in a cookie cutter formula.

You crave the clarity that would finally let your marketing click in a way it hasn’t before.

You want tools that help you “stop stopping” on yourself when you get overwhelmed or hit a new place in your business. 

You would love getting authentic visibility in a way that works for YOU. Not some cut-and- paste version of you, but the real you that your ideal clients will come running for. 

You want someone to see your “magic” and help you get that out in the marketplace.

You would be freaking delighted to no longer have “money mindset” issues so you can grow an even more profitable business. 

You are ready for unshakeable confidence and the chance to own your value in a way that makes selling conversations super easy. 

You want a plan. Not a rigid plan, but a plan that works with your life, your heart, and your energy so you always know what you are working on and creating. 

Mindset. Alignment. Embodiment.

What it really takes to get off that current level plateau you are on?

Breakthrough Your Upper Limit

You and I will work in a very close private mentorship with me.  

You will pick the goal or benchmark you want to reach, and we’ll go about getting you hitting that mark.

Here's how you can 

Interested?  Book a call with me to see if this is a good fit.

But wait…Is this ALL mindset, Therese?

Heck no! But what I know in my bones (and with thousands of hours of experience to back me up) is that mindset is the #1 thing that interferes with the following:









Consistent Money Flow


So what we will do is determine how your mindset is not allowing you to shine in all those areas. 

We’ll do a deep dive assessment in the beginning to find the places you are getting held back. From there, we’ll free you to be more fully self-expressed and successful, trust yourself more, charge what you want to, and get those amazing clients you want to work with.


Let's book some time, and we’ll have a conversation to determine if this is a good fit for you. 

Ready to rock 2018? I’d love to help you have an even better year, so tune in and if it feels like this resonates with you, grab an appointment.

Look at what happened for my client Casey! It can happen for you too.

The blend of Mindset and Marketing works like magic!

Casey Benedict

Finding and working with Therese has been a true blessing. I reached out to her to fix a business that I built myself, but which was losing steam. My revenue—and spirits—were down, and despite loads of potential, I was mired in indecision and fear.

I knew she was the right coach for me during our initial call, as Therese guided me in a discussion of both strategy and mindset. Other coaches and consultants I interviewed either had pre-scripted solutions or were more interested in “either/or” (strategy or mindset).

Therese was the first coach I spoke to who combined the two, and the impact was immediate. After only one hour of speaking, I was amazed at the depth of her insight, her ability to see through my blocks and bring me relief and direction on the spot.

Our continuing work together has been nothing short of transformative. She is a powerful guide who knows how to apply just the right mix of deep mindset work with tactical brilliance, so that my business growth is in lockstep with my personal development (all necessary to become the leader I need to be for my business). As an added bonus, her brilliant coaching around money, sales and owning my value has resulted in increased revenue in places where I had previously been struggling.

Therese is one of a kind, truly talented, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to savvy business women who are ready to tap into their full potential, harness their power and reap the benefits!

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