My Overly Dramatic, Punch-You-in-the-Gut, Works Every Time Solution to Get You Off Your Ass and…

Mamma’s gonna preach a bit here, Ok? You have a huge mission. Your soul has called you into doing some amazing work and helping the people you are supposed to help. At times that can feel cool and yummy… And other times it can feel like an “Oh shit, who-am-I-to-help” kinda burden. So here’s what […]

How to Stretch, Grow, and Turn It Into a Win If You Fail

Be careful what you ask for. Yeah. While on a hike I was telling my sweetie that currently my biz was easy. Things go very well; my team is just great, clients are happy. I didn’t realize I was asking for an uplevel when I said that. But I got it. Big time. Here’s what […]

Business Lessons from the Biggest Loser TV Show

True confessions time. I kinda like reality shows. No, not the crazy-ass one’s but one’s where folks are working on some element of transformation. A great show is The Biggest Loser. Why? Because it’s one of the most inspiring things you can see on the tube. In this article I’m going to parallel the contestants […]

3 Shifts You Can Make So Your Clients Get Better Results

Want to be a better coach or service provider? Take better care of your clients? Get even more rocking results? Awesome.  This article will show you ways to make that possible. #1 – Decide to play your biggest game possible Does that sound silly? Kinda trite of cliché? I know. Every Life Coach in the […]

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