True to Personality Type – Happy Business Show

Making Sure You are True to Your Personality Type in Business Listen in on this episode as Therese teaches about the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator. You’ll learn the 8 personality characteristics and how they relate to you being in business. Therese shares stories from each of these areas with the goal of you being more […]

How to Attract Clients by Being Real – Happy Business Show

How to be More Real in Your Business So You Attract the Right Clients with Therese Skelly Join Therese as she shares her 4 step process for pulling away the curtain and being more of YOU in your business. You’ll learn why it’s so necessary, what’s in the way, how you get derailed from your […]

Dirty Laundry – Happy Business Show

Do I Have To Take YOUR Underwear Too? with Therese Skelly In this podcast episode Therese shares a funny story about the battle she has in getting her boys to pick up and put away their laundry. But, in typical “Therese fashion,” she blends in a lesson that will help you relate it to your […]

Top Mindset Fears That are Holding You Back

  Imagine this. You have a basement home and you come in one day to find it flooded under a foot of water. So in a panic you call your brother who tells you, “What you need to do is to get a new couch for your living room, that way you won’t notice the […]

Handling Objections – Happy Business Show

Handling Objections with Therese Skelly If you can’t sell your services, you have no business! Listen in as Therese shares how to navigate through the challenge of what happens when those objections come up. Get my top 4 strategies to handle objections so you will be able to get the right people to say yes […]

Cultivating Your Most Important Business Asset – Your Voice

Here’s the deal… Your clients and those you are entrusted to guide and serve want to SEE YOU. They want to FEEL YOU. They want to KNOW YOU. They want to HEAR YOU. They want to TRUST YOU. They long to HAVE FAITH IN YOU. But none of that can happen if you aren’t putting […]

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