How to Say Yes When Everything in You is Screaming NO!

Just know this… Everything in you is WIRED to seek safety and minimize risks. There’s that crazy reptile part of your brain that is forever assessing how you can be harmed, what to do to avoid that, and ways to stay ahead of any potential threats. But then there’s the heart, or soul, or Guidance […]

What happens when your marketing is being hijacked by your mindset

It should be so simple… We know what to do. It’s not rocket science. There is a ton of free information about how to do it. But very often we don’t, or can’t…at least not effectively. I’m talking about Marketing here. But not the tactical parts….the “I can own my stuff” part. Because our mindset […]

Getting them to say yes is only a third of what you are REALLY selling

You do realize there are three things you are selling when you sell your services, right? And I think we all work so darn hard getting a yes and for the credit card to be pulled out that we miss the boat with those last two (and even more critical things.) Because if you stop […]

Want your clients to get better results? Do these 3 things

Want to be a better coach or service provider? Take better care of your clients? Get even more rocking results? Cool. I have some good stuff for you in this article. After hosting a biz retreat for 4 days, and seeing the beyond belief results, I can honestly say, that there were some strategies that […]

Business feeling hard? This will give you the clues why

You signed up for this, right? This personal-transformation-through-owning-a-business roller coaster you may find yourself on from time to time. Some of us do it consciously, but for many others, you get halfway in, and come to realize that you are being asked to play bigger than ever before. Maybe it’s becoming a leader. Or maybe […]

Why being an evolved entrepreneur means you have to quit things

Newsflash! – grown-ups get to quit things. But maybe you don’t know that. It took me going through lots of therapy back in the ‘80’s to understand this. And lately I have had some client conversations and the themes are all around quitting and letting go of that which no longer serves us. We don’t […]

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