Want to Grow Your Business? Grow Yourself First!

You signed up for this, right? This personal-transformation-through-owning-a-business roller coaster you may find yourself on from time to time. Some of us do it consciously, but for many others, you get halfway in, and come to realize that you are being asked to play bigger than ever before. Maybe it’s becoming a leader. Or maybe […]

Top Mindset Fears That are Holding You Back

  Imagine this. You have a basement home and you come in one day to find it flooded under a foot of water. So in a panic you call your brother who tells you, “What you need to do is to get a new couch for your living room, that way you won’t notice the […]

What They Don’t Tell You On The Six-Figure Path

(And why you don’t want to buy into the hype that’s out there.) Oh, there is so much to say on this topic! Many will brag about how quickly they got their biz to the six figure mark. They share how it was a journey, and often have their ‘blueprint’ of how they made it […]

How to Say Yes When Everything in You is Screaming NO!

Just know this… Everything in you is WIRED to seek safety and minimize risks. There’s that crazy reptile part of your brain that is forever assessing how you can be harmed, what to do to avoid that, and ways to stay ahead of any potential threats. But then there’s the heart, or soul, or Guidance […]

Three Questions to Own Your Value

This article is for you if you know in your gut that you could and should be charging more but you are either buying into the story that “no one has any money these days,” bumping into your lack issues, or are secretly resenting the clients you have at lower fees or your colleagues who […]

How do you manage perfectionism in your business?

I think the #1 biz and revenue killer is the tendency to have to get things just perfect. So many of my clients hold back and come to me with all kinds of great ideas that have never been launched because they fear that they aren’t yet ‘cooked’ enough. Which is just code word for […]

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