Holly Chantal – Happy Business Show

Kick Brand Shame to the Curb – And Brand Your Awesome! If you’ve ever uttered the words “here is my website, but it doesn’t really represent me” or something similar then you need to be on this call. Your website should a point of pride that communicates with your audience and draws them into your […]

“Stand Out, or Wash Out.” How to Develop the Courage to Be Uniquely You in Business

News flash… The thing that your perfect clients would love to know and allow them to connect more deeply with you is VERY LIKELY the thing you are hiding! Yup. Not that you are trying to lie to anyone, but if you are like most business owners and YOU are the service, there may be […]

Where are the leaks in your business? Part 1 – Positioning

In this series I’ll be sharing the five places where you are losing Clarity, Confidence, Clients and Cash because of the leaks that may be hiding out in your business. You may have some of them, or just one or two, but plugging these will get you on track to better results. Let’s start with […]

Is Your Brand As Clear as Epsom Salts?

This has got to get the award for the WORST marketing ever. Reading a bag of epsom salts (don’t ask!) I was surprised from a marketing perspective at what it said – Epsom Salt – Magnesium Sulfate U.S.P – Natural Mineral (And here’s where it gets interesting….) A soaking aid for minor sprains and bruises […]

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