Stop collapsing! It messes with your marketing.

See, most of us are habituated to constantly allow ourselves to be stopped by those little voices or feelings of fear/doubt, etc.

This results in holding back launches, creates overwhelm, costs time, energy and money. Even with the best of plans or growth strategy, this will create a huge gap in your business.

It’s really normal to fall into this pattern, and I find that the more stress we encounter, the worse it gets.

This video will get you tips about how to stay unstoppable, so you can do your great work in the world.

Click the image to watch the video.

Tips for you so you don’t collapse –

  1. Decide to notice all the places you have this tendency. This takes practice. You will need to put the focus on your thoughts. An indicator of you collapsing is how you are feeling. If you notice that you are feeling a bit ‘off’ or not as happy as you would like, stop and dissect how you got there. The question would be, “What thought led me to this feeling?” You have to be a detective if you aren’t in the habit of doing this, but once you start it gets easy.
  2. Be gentle! If you have a pulse, this is going to still happen. No use beating yourself up! It’s just information. So make sure you understand that and give yourself a break for when you do collapse.
  3. Have a replacement thought. I like to say something like, ‘I am unstoppable’ or ‘God is my Source.’ Or you can print out affirmative statements and surround yourself with them, so you have something tangible to replace the thought. Remember, we are reprogramming your brain here, so the more repetition the better.
  4. Keep the vision front and center for how you want it to be. It’s super important to know where you are going.  Do you have models? Examples of what you want? That helps you measure up to where you are headed.
  5. Surround yourself with people who see your greatness. Oh, and reach out when you need! It’s imperative to have people who not only hold your vision, but who will also call you out when you are not living into that.

Your turn. What else do you do when you catch your mind getting squirrelly? Feel free to type your thoughts in the comments.

Therese Skelly is a Mindset Expert and Business Coach who works with mission-driven entrepreneurs. A former psychotherapist, combined with years of marketing/strategy and consulting, Therese offer’s the perfect blend of both “inner game” work and tactical, real world strategies that allow her clients to see the results they desire.



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