Did you know…

…that 96% of what runs your results is UNCONSCIOUS?!


That means that in spite of your very best efforts to raise your rates, launch a successful program or to bring in an extra $5,000-$50,000 in leveraged income … you may not be able to get there.

The good news? It’s NOT because it’s hard to get results or that you are a failure. It’s just that you are not using the #1 asset you can use to blast through your blocks and finally gain the traction you want.

The shift comes when you take the time to uncover what’s preventing you from being successful.

There are mentors out there who can tell you how they made the big money…..
but can they help you discover why you are not and then free you up to do so?

I didn’t think so.

What if I told you that once you do, the flood gates will open?

They will.

And I can help you.

When you work with me, you get the best of all worlds in business.

I’m a “Money Mindset Master.” As a well-known psychotherapist and coach for 25 years, I will help you find and blast away the doubts or limiting beliefs that have held you at the same level you are currently at.

In addition to that work, clients are blown away by the awesome strategy and marketing designs I come up with for them.

If you want only marketing, there are other coaches who can help you.

But if you want quantum shifts, let’s talk.

The real secret is in blending the best of those two worlds!

Look at the programs below.  They all require an application, so click here to set up time to connect and see if we are a good fit.

Looking for one on one coaching – I have three levels.


Inner Circle Program
6-9 month program.  

This program is for you if you’d like lots of support in your business.  We’ll work together to look at your business foundation, your business and money mindset, and plan out ways to grow your visibility, income, and leverage.

You and I coach two or three times a month, and we start the program with a deep dive session to really flush out the foundation.  You will hit the ground running with lots of new ideas!

Click here to schedule a time to learn about Inner Circle

Inner Circle Elite
9-12 month ACCELERATOR program

Ready to go farther….faster?  In this program, you get all the above, PLUS two VIP weekends with Therese.  This is for the serious entrepreneur who desires more support and more acceleration to get to that next income level, as well as having a much more leveraged, freedom based business.

Click here to schedule a time to learn about Inner Circle ELITE

VIP Day in Scottsdale

This is the right program if you want the fastest path to move things forward.  We focus on clearing those blocks that have held you back, and then money and growth strategies.  (Clients have said that this is like getting 6 months of coaching in one day!)  Note that in certain circumstances, you may have a VIP experience in your location.

Click here to learn more about scheduling a VIP Day

Mindset Mastery Program

Not everyone needs the ‘whole enchilada.’  This is for the person who is quite established already but knows that they are in their own way so need additional mindset support.  This is a 90 day program to help you blast through what’s holding you back, and establish you as the powerful expert you are.

Click here to schedule a time to learn about Mindset Mastery

Group Programs


Success Accelerator Mastermind
Small groups limited to 5-6

Ready for the most powerful mastermind you have ever been in?  Having such a small group will allow you to get a lot of individual attention so you can reach your goals faster.  These groups meet two times a month for ten months and do include some one on one coaching as well, so you can implement what strategies you are working on in the group.

Click here to see if a Mastermind group is right for you.

Aligned Business Incubator

Starting in September.  This program is designed for the newer business owner who is looking for a very tight  container to stay on track, and get stuff done!  We cover all the business building blocks (marketing, sales, messaging/branding, money, mindset, visibility) and do it in a group format with live training.
                                                                                                                                  Click here to learn more about the Incubator

This is just an overview.  Each program has some additional cool bonuses as well, so let’s have a 45 minute conversation to see how I can best support you.  Click here to schedule a chat.

There are numerous ways to work with me and I’m not going to leave that up to you to try to figure out. My business model is based on connection, so if you are serious about inquiring about coaching now, you and I will have a 45 minute phone call. At the end of our time I’ll share with you the best program for you, and we’ll decide if it’s a good fit to move forward.

If you are interested in coaching, keep reading because you and I first need to chat and have our ‘get-to-know-you session.

What this session is?
Sort of like a first date! We’ll get to know each other and determine if we have the desire to take the next step. I’ll be asking the questions and getting to know you and your business, and at the end of the call will make recommendations to you. (Trust me; you’ll learn a ton about where you are stuck and what’s possible just by my questioning process.)

What the session is not?
A free coaching session. This is for the person who’s seriously considering working with me and is able and willing to make the investment of time and money. There are loads of coaches out there offering free sessions, so I ask that you please respect my time and come from a place of integrity with this.

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Please list the challenges you have in your business that prevent you from reaching the goals you have.

Not enough money coming inI have a good client base but want to uplevel thatI need new marketing strategiesHave a hard time getting new clientsI hate to sellLife ‘stuff’ is interfering with my businessI do it all myselfI have a mental block and are not moving forwardToo many ideas floating around

What has the cost of those above challenges been to you?

It could be financial, emotional, time, confidence, lost opportunities?

What was your last year's gross income?

Zero - $50,000$50,000 - $100,000$100,000-$150,000$150,000 +
Do you think your mindset factors in to how your business is doing right now? Please explain how.

What goals do you have for coaching at this time?

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When you fill this form out it will be delivered directly to my inbox, so know that your answers are completely confidential. You’ll then be sent a link to my online calendar where you will book a time that works best for your schedule.


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