Package and Sell Your Brilliance

Hey, how’s that business of yours working for ya?

If you are like most of the clients I have worked with, you get started with so much hope and big dreams of freedom, ‘flow’ and a lot more fun than that bad J-O-B you used to have.

But along the way, something goes really wrong!

If you are selling YOU as the service, you may have a hard time charging fees that make you the money you need to balance out how many hours you are putting in.

Doubt, overwhelm, and lack of clarity may be your constant companions.

Or you aren’t EXACTLY clear on how you are different than your competitors.  When you look at your website or marketing materials, it sounds like everyone else.  In fact, someone could look at your stuff and say, “Where are YOU in this business?”

But mostly…

You just haven’t quite mastered the trick of getting enough people in front of you, having those selling conversations, and then turning them into high paying clients.

At this stage of your business, you need to be focusing on these things:

  • Getting your brilliance OUT of your blind spot… and into your ‘profit spot.’
  • Learning how to communicate what makes you unique. (So you don’t sound like everyone else!)
  • Creating marketing that works for your personality, and is a regular part of your business.
  • Packaging your services so you begin to move away from the 1:1 model and get more money flowing in.
  • Selling in a way that is heart centered and doesn’t make you feel sleazy.

So let’s look at what you may have tried so far …

Very likely you bought someone’s blueprint because it seemed to make sense to get a system that has been proven to market or bring money in, right?

WRONG!  Just because a coach can create a system for how THEY made money, doesn’t mean you can make it work!  It’s not our fault though.

What’s in the way?  Mindset.  Pure and simple.  If you don’t value yourself and haven’t yet handled the unconscious blocks that are holding you back, no program or product will get you that elusive financial success you may be desiring!

When I coach folks who are at this stage of business, the work is two-fold.  We always focus on both the inner game and the outer game.  We spend time strengthening mindset/beliefs and then wrapping in strategy.  One without the other is like night without day.  

All the successful, money making business owners know that the real key to exponential growth comes when you have the success mindset. 

And for most of us that means that we got some work to do!  My background as a psychotherapist and business strategist allows me to go much deeper than most.  That means that in addition to getting your business all lined up and solid with the right strategy in place, YOU become the business owner who can tap into your power, more of your potential, and learn to finally create that profitable business that your soul desires to have.

It’s hard to describe how much my work with Therese has moved me forward. I’m going to eschew the word “transformational” and describe my experience:

Therese is more than a business coach, helping me through many blocks in my business, buried in my beliefs about how I thought business should work from others and my extensive corporate experience. She moved me through mental blocks, anxieties and unwritten rules I didn’t even realize I believed about being an entrepreneur. You can get conventional business and marketing advice in a lot of places. To be honest, there aren’t a lot of secrets in business. It’s really about showing up and executing. For some of us, therein lies the rub.

Therese’s magic is an alchemy of loving intuition, appreciation, non-judgmental therapeutic know-how, people smarts, and practical business acumen. I’ve never experienced her as anything other than nonjudgmental, caring and kind. What I appreciate most about Therese is that she is willing to go deep to uncover what’s stopping me–usually myself–then break through with practical steps and an appropriate level of accountability. It’s not all rainbows, hot chocolate and fuzzy bunnies in every call–but what I know is that Therese is willing and skillfully able to follow through on the thread, no matter where it may lead. She shares tools from her bag of tricks so very generously. Unravelling what stops me, both personally and business-wise ultimately allows to integrate more of myself into everything I do. Powerful stuff when it comes to creating a business and life which you adore.

Joy Agcongay

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