Money, Meaning and Freedom

You’ve been at this business stuff awhile.  You have gotten pretty savvy and know you can get results.

That means you know how to market, you know what you are selling, and have clearly had some success.

But there’s a part of you that desires more time freedom.  More leverage. More ability to be choosy about who you work with and what they pay you.

At this phase is where heart centered business owners start refining.  Getting clearer about who you are, what you are about, and the mark you want to leave on the world.

You see that there’s so much more that’s possible.  But if you are like most of us, you have built a business that may be compromising your time.  You are making money, but not necessarily as profitable as you should be, and you wonder what the secret is to make it to that next level.

You know the one.  Where relationships and JV’s are common place and easy.  Where you are invited to speaking gigs, the telesummits and seen as one of the top experts around.  Where you get to narrow your offerings and do not only what you love….but do it for much better money.

Then there’s more leadership. Leading your team, leading your tribe, and being the leader in your life.

That’s part of what this work is about.  This next phase of business is where you dive down even more deeply to find any mindset blocks that are preventing you from REALLY owning that value and being the rock star that you are meant to be.

In the Money, Meaning and Freedom level, you and I will craft your business offerings so that you are using leverage and working in the way that would serve you even better.  You become a better and more powerful leader.  Your message and purpose is not only more clarified, but now reaching more people.

You have had success.  But now you want to have fulfillment!  You want to feel good.  You want to look at creating a bigger reach, while enjoying your life more.

And yes….that IS possible!

It takes the right mindset, and the right strategy.

I can show you how to become that YOU that you need to be to jump to this level.

My programs are individualized.  You and I will co-create the plan and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

“Therese is a masterful guide, healer, and coach in helping you realize your greater potential. She is amazing at seeing what is happening in your energy and clearing those energies that are stopping you. I have cleared money blocks, claimed my worth, and gained Infinitely from all of her work with me. I trust her with all my heart and deeply appreciate her deep love that she brings forth in all that she does. Therese will care about you and your results perhaps more than anyone that you will ever know. I am extremely blessed to have had her as part of my journey in becoming a trailblazing healer and successful global business serving thousands of healers around the world. “ Dan Hanneman “The BlockBuster” –

If you any questions or know you are ready to have that conversation to see about working together, click here and we’ll get something set up to chat about coaching.

Are you ready for a business you love?