Therese Skelly, Business Coach, Mindset Expert and Transformational Teacher

Working with a business coach or mentor is quite a commitment! It’s not like having someone give you a pedicure or change the oil in your car!

When you engage in a coaching relationship, you trust the person to be a part of your business, your dreams, desires and LIFE. It’s my belief that you should have a good sense of who they are, what they value, and how they tick.

In service of giving you a snapshot of who I am and how I work, this is going to be longer than most bios because I want you to know me. Just as I want to know you.

I am the quintessential “Accidental Entrepreneur.”

I didn’t come to the party via business school or any well-crafted plan. Nope. I listened to Guidance and jumped in the middle of the deep end!

My first career came about with a Master’s Degree and 25 years of counseling experience. That actually gave me a fabulous foundation to understand the inner working of the mind, motivation, behavior, and those crazy unconscious parts that hold us back.

But it did NOTHING to prepare me to run a business or make a bunch of money! Not at all.

That has come through grit and grace! Being committed to do whatever it takes to learn and grow. Finding mentors who will shine lights on the places I can’t see. Being in focused action, and a fierce and firm decision to follow this path and never, ever give up on my dream.

And the journey has given me a special place in my heart who are good at what they do, but don’t know how to get their message out in the world, and certainly don’t know how to own the value they provide. (That’s where the undercharging problem comes into play!)

I blend mindset, strategy and energy tools to help mission-driven entrepreneurs make more money doing what they love.

What motivates me?

Making a difference and being Fiercely Here for my life, my Business, my purpose, my family, and my clients.

I’m driven by the deep, deep knowing that we are here to take care of each other and make a difference.

So, I give my heart and soul to my business and our community where I serve by helping people get past their blocks and limiting beliefs about themselves so they can create awesome businesses, and have money flowing.

My manifesto!

This came out of two years of intense loss. In 2015, my mom (who had been super healthy) died suddenly of a stroke. Two weeks later my beloved father-in-law passed away. Two other relationships ended, and one of my sons got very ill. It was stunningly difficult, but I started getting back to a sense of my strength when in Feb of 2017 I got word that Jim, my beloved ex-husband/best friend and father of my boys had a heart attack and died in his sleep. Truthfully, I have never been through something as difficult as this, and yet there have been tremendous gifts in all of it.

Because I could do nothing else, I had to learn to surrender and trust. I saw a few clients, but basically shut down any marketing or business building activities for 6 months because my energy was so depleted in having to process both mine and the lads’ huge burden of pain. I got to deepen my faith and trust and totally now KNOW that I’m always supported.

In dealing with the tsunami that grief was for me, I allowed it to change me at depth. What got born was this manifesto and a clearer focus on the way I work.

Today, I am fiercely here. It’s been amazing to witness the change and I am now using these principles in helping my clients create themselves to be even more powerful.

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For me, it’s not just a business. It’s my ministry.

What I love?

First, it’s my wonderful two boys, Danny and John. Their dad and I were divorced when they were 7 and 11, but we were still ‘family’ until the day he died. I feel so privileged to raise these two amazing young men who will do great things with their lives. They are fun, smart, and I’m super proud of who they are.

Next it’s singing, learning and all things related to self-expression.

Then there’s travel, nature, the beach, personal growth and transformation, a few reality shows… and good food.

And I let me introduce my sweetie Jerry. We met online and when I saw that he had a picture of him playing a guitar and one with his dog, I knew he was my kinda guy!

He plays in a band and I love being his #1 fan! He’s also a business owner so gets the entrepreneurial side of me. (Plus he’s a guy who cooks! How lucky!!!)

It’s cool to find love! I feel very, very blessed with our connection.

Finally, we can’t forget my crazy dog Finley!

She’s a miracle! (Actually she’s a nut-case, but also a miracle.) She was literally two minutes away from being euthanized, and a wonderful organization – LovePupFoundation – rescued her. The way we got her was quite a “coincidence” and within minutes of meeting her we were hooked! She brings so much fun and joy! (And as of this writing, lots of chewed up things too!)

What I’m most proud of?

On a personal note it is that I created a great divorce and have stayed close with the boys’ dad.  In our family/community, we were pretty known as having a better divorce than many people have marriages! My kids always felt like they had a super happy/healthy childhood in spite of our splitting up. That means a lot to me.

I’m also proud that I have mastered the money blocks I had and now can teach others to do the same, so they can have money-making businesses doing what they love.

Yeah, that money piece was HUGE. If you haven’t heard the story via a webinar or one of my classes, in a nutshell I ended up losing everything to follow the entrepreneurial dream. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. It was the most painful time in my life, but the ‘good’ in it is that living through that experience taught me what my message and purpose is. What gets me out of bed every morning is the drive to never have to have another business owner have a huge fail like I did. From my pain, I was able to develop a system and processes that can really help others with their money issues.

Also, I’m super proud of my clients when they move past their fears and get their offers out and get to do the work they love. Nothing is sweeter than getting one of those emails telling me that someone got a new client, that they feel more confident, are living their purpose, or that their family and relationships are all improving as a result of our work. Woo Hoo!

What’s kind of funny is that while folks come to me for “business coaching” what they REALLY get is transformation. EVERYTHING in their life gets better because we build from the inside out.

Who I work best with?

Smart, courageous, creative folks who are willing to do the deep (inner work) to discover what is in their way, and then blast through it. I have a bit of a potty mouth, so love working with my clients who have a great sense of humor and don’t mind an occasional swear word flying around!

And we will click the best if there’s a spiritual orientation, the commitment to do WHATEVER IT TAKES, and are willing to hang with me being able to call them on their ‘stuff.’

Oh yea… if you like to be loved and can receive me holding the highest vision for you… that works best!

One of the coolest things with my clients is that we genuinely develop such care and love for each other, it’s amazing! How fun to end a call knowing that I made a difference for them, and they received the love and caring from me. It just lights me up.

I’m like a “Pitbull for your potential” and am fierce for those I am blessed to coach.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s see what the folks who have worked with me said…

I asked some clients the following questions and loved their answers!

“Words to describe Therese… Intelligent, loving, positive, hard-working, loyal, helpful, fun, down-to-earth, knowledgeable, confident”

“Supportive, intuitive and brilliant, challenging but safe, has x-ray vision into souls…”

“Insightful, bold, fearless, questioning, gentle, not afraid to “go there”, happy, loving, kind, spiritual, sees the best in you, prodding (gently)”

“FUN, empowering, magical, nurturing, supportive, sassy, vibrant, loving, intuitive, spiritual”

I particularly liked that all the responses below mentioned that I challenge them! That’s how rapid growth happens.

So, read what it’s like to work with me:

Working with Therese is

Challenging, uplifting, confidence-inspiring, thought-provoking, fun, effective, practical, deep, and holistic.

“Unpredictable and tough to describe, but amazing.  The only things my sessions with Therese seem to have in common are that I never come out having worked on what I thought my current challenge was, I usually end up in tears, and somehow the right challenge always gets addressed and I walk away with strategies and tools to deal with it so I can keep moving forward and stepping up in a bigger way”

“Eye-opening, easy, insightful, challenging (when I must look within for answers), mind-blowing (at times), fun”

“An incredible ride because Therese asks you to step into the brilliant person you are but don’t see yet. She supports you in such a loving way that you feel you can do anything, even if it initially scares the crap out of you. Always fun, mind-blowing, humbling, and empowering at the same time.”

And finally here is a note from a colleague/friend.

11 things I appreciate about YOU

1. You are so positively generous (with your time, your love and friendship, your praise, your relationships and your list… everywhere)

2. You have a HUGE heart

3. You are brilliant at getting to root issues and blasting them away

4. You see the good and the great in everyone

5. You are smart and see connections and patterns

6. You are a great relationship builder and connector

7. You are a stand for dreaming big and going for it

8. You don’t quit

9. You keep a positive outlook even when life gets dark and scary

10. You manage to support others even when you need support

11. You are one of the best coaches I’ve ever met/listened to/worked with.  It’s your combination of smarts with laser focus with empathy… it moves mountains

I would love to help play your bigger game.

Interested in seeing how we could work together to make your business dreams come true?

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