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I’m blessed to get to coach the most awesome people! These are a few of the many comments about the results they got from the work we did.

Working with Therese is worth the investment!

I am entering my third year of full-time business entrepreneurship, after leaving my solid government job.  It’s been a wild ride!  And, truth be told, I’ve been running scared.

I was scared because I didn’t know where the money would come from after walking away from the big paycheck.  Because I didn’t know how to run a business.  Because I was following my heart and not my head for a change.  Because close family members were scared for me.  Because lack and scarcity seemed so much more real than the divine bliss I wanted to create.

In my first years of business, I hired business coaches.  I didn’t know what to look for, so I got sucked in by the marketing spiel, the great formulas pressing my fear buttons, and the promise to get-rich-quick if I’d follow this or that blueprint.  These programs did not deliver the value and the results I had hoped for, and left me feeling down on myself and even more self-critical.  I was wondering, “what’s wrong with me that my business isn’t growing?”

And then, I met Therese and joined her Happy In Business online community.  I instantly felt a sense of belonging.  Therese is a powerful, knowledgeable and compassionate leader, and the people gathering with her have big hearts, big visions, and are big on mutual support.  It didn’t take me much convincing to jump into more coaching with her and trust that this process would help me with the breakthrough I was looking for.

Therese is so much more than business "know-how"; so much more is being worked on and integrated - and I LOVE IT.  Did you know that what is really holding you back in your business is not how-to knowledge, but it’s your own mindset and fears?  Did you know that even if you were given all the tools necessary to succeed, you might not implement them if that self-critical voice inside you tells you that you’re not ready, not good enough, not savvy enough, not worthy enough…?  Did you know that blasting through these mindset blocks can be easy - but not all business coaches dare to venture there, and that’s why many blueprint programs fail?

As a result of my coaching with Therese, I learned a lot about myself, my fears, and what was holding me back.  In four months, my email list has more than tripled, I have received many speaking opportunities, and I have a constant stream of students and clients.  I am more confident, more wise, and more aware of my personal gifts and ways to serve my ideal clients.  I have clarified my “WHY”, I better understand my ideal client, and I am finally landing on my message after having skirted around it for years.

Business is booming.

And I owe this to Therese’s leadership and keen insights.  I love how she integrates both her intuition and her business savvy in all she does.  She is the only coach I know who is so present to her clients - checking in, asking questions to go further on our journey, pushing us to grow past comfort zones, making sure we feel supported and nurtured through the process.  Her presence has been key to my personal and business growth, and I am forever thankful.

If you’re looking for a personal and business transformation from bland and confused to joyfully booming, do yourself a favour and check out Therese’s work.

Jacynthe Villemaire
Reiki Training Journey

She Creates Tangible Transformation!

I am very honored to write this note on Therese' s behalf.

My name is Dr Jason Kolber and I specialize in the spine and the nervous system specifically focusing on helping people access their true potential.

I am the performance consultant for the Arizona Diamondbacks and I travel the country amplifying athletic performance as well as championing and coaching Elite athletes and executives to access and live in their sweet spot. The combined payroll of my clientele is above 3 billion now that I recently started serving the 206-million-dollar man, Zach Greinke.

I co-founded our health and life enhancement practice Living Inline with my wife Dr Elissa Katz.

We have been voted best doctors of Ahwatukee, AZ 8 times, I was recently honored as The Diabetes Association Father of the Year award, and I am a published author and more.

I could tell you more cool things about myself but that is not my goal at all and the only reason I included so much is so that you know I really know what I am talking about.

I have a beautiful and bright daughter named Drew who is almost 12 and I can honestly tell you, I pray that my daughter grows up to be like Therese.

Therese has been a colleague and friend for almost 15 years now and I have had the privilege of watching her excel in practice, and I have witnessed her growth as she is truly  a leader, an innovator,  a mentor and a winner.

When I think of Therese I think of her radiant smile her warmth her impeccable integrity and her true passion and desire to grow and evolve.

I recently invited Therese to speak for my community, and I was amazing at how she created such transformation to all who were in the room.

So if Therese has the opportunity to lead a group for you or perhaps I should say when she has the opportunity because she is tenaciously committed to lead with compassion and strength, I know all will benefit from her collaborative spirit and her capacity to uplift.

Here is what I know, in a world that often has too much emphasis upon half empty ideology and negativity, Therese is a refreshing source of optimism and abundant possibility.  Possibility opens doors where perhaps there were none before and where some walk with trepidation Therese walks or rather flies with courage, creativity and competency.

Jason Kolber, Chiropractor

More Money Weekly Than She Was Making Monthly!

I started working with Therese in 2013, when I was clear that I needed to do something if I ever wanted to have the type of business I dreamt of. Trying to do it on my own was no longer an option I was willing to tackle. It was clear to me that Therese was the coach I needed. Her powerful intuition, her ability to call you out on your stories and profound authenticity make her a cut above SO many other business coaches.

Whether at a retreat or working one-on-one, Therese helped me uncover many of the hidden blocks that were keeping me from stepping into my power. Within just a few months after I started working with her, I all of a sudden found myself with a weekly revenue that was higher than my average monthly revenue the prior year (that’s a 4X growth in revenue).  I also had my first five-figure launch and I started knowing and owning my value in a far deeper way.  I don’t know that it would have happened without Therese’s help.  At the very least, without Therese, it would have taken FAR longer and it would have been WAY more painful.

Morella Devost
Thrive With Morella

Blending Marketing and Mindset was the Secret to More Success!

Finding and working with Therese has been a true blessing. I reached out to her to fix a business that I built myself, but which was losing steam. My revenue—and spirits—were down, and despite loads of potential, I was mired in indecision and fear.

I knew she was the right coach for me during our initial call, as Therese guided me in a discussion of both strategy and mindset. Other coaches and consultants I interviewed either had pre-scripted solutions or were more interested in “either/or” (strategy or mindset). Therese was the first coach I spoke to who combined the two, and the impact was immediate. After only one hour of speaking, I was amazed at the depth of her insight, her ability to see through my blocks and bring me relief and direction on the spot.

Our continuing work together has been nothing short of transformative. She is a powerful guide who knows how to apply just the right mix of deep mindset work with tactical brilliance, so that my business growth is in lockstep with my personal development (all necessary to become the leader I need to be for my business). As an added bonus, her brilliant coaching around money, sales and owning my value has resulted in increased revenue in places where I had previously been struggling.

Therese is one of a kind, truly talented, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to savvy business women who are ready to tap into their full potential, harness their power and reap the benefits!

Casey Benedict
Kitchen Play

Therese Skelly’s Teaching Stands The Test Of Time

Therese Skelly will have her own section in the chapter of my autobiography titled “People Who Fundamentally Changed My Life.” My biggest challenge when first starting as an entrepreneur was finding the right balance between serving others while making sure I served myself. Our breakthrough coaching sessions helped me realize the many ways in which I serve others better when I serve myself. This was the revolutionary concept that got me past all my hangups about being successful and making a lot of money and is what I refer back to if and when those monsters ever try to rear their ugly head.

Although I cannot quantify in exact dollars how valuable Therese’s coaching has been for me, I absolutely will tell you that if it hadn’t been for Therese, I’d probably have gone back and gotten a J.O.B. by now. The tools she provided me way back when have stood the test of time and continue to keep me on the path toward greater profits and more fulfillment. Her wisdom and her inspiration will be a key ingredient in your success too, as soon as you find your reasons to bring her into your business and life.

Adam Hommey

She can cut through layers of confusion…

Working with Therese has been a huge benefit to my business. Therese has an amazing blend of practical strategy and business savvy, as well as intuition and expertise in the entrepreneurial mindset that allows her to zero in on what needs to be shifted.

Therese uses her amazing ability to discover hidden blocks and clear energy on me and the results are astounding.  Within minutes, the places  I’m blocked get removed. Through my work with Therese I have made more money, shifted my business model, let go of overwhelm, and am more connected with my big vision. (And doing energy clearing myself, it’s doubly powerful to me because I can feel the shifts instantly)

I love Therese’s loving yet direct style. She can cut through layers of confusion and see clearly where my gifts are as well as show me the way to get them in the world in the most profitable way.

Nathalie Ekobo, MBA

Shortly after working together, everything started to click.

Have you ever watched one of those shows where they clean a kitchen top to bottom and it appears glistening and clean… yet under the microscope lurk deadly bacteria and loads of gunk? Well, that’s how I was when I came to Therese. I had done a LOT of work around my money mindset, my money beliefs and I figured I didn’t need much help. Oh was I in for a big surprise!Therese was able to find, and in her words “debug”, a series of underlying “microscopic” beliefs that were getting in the way of my financial success and confidence. She found subtle nuances in me that were literally telling people “Hey, don’t buy from me!” and proceeded to turn things around.

Shortly after our work together, everything started to click. I felt a newfound sense of power when making big offers, my confidence in my own work soared, and I dramatically raised my level of income. I started making in a month what I used to make in a year (seriously!) If you feel like you’ve got your nose pressed to the glass watching everyone else reach 6 and 7 figures in their businesses, you must start working with Therese. You need more than a new tactic, you need your beliefs rewired because YOU are ultimately in charge of your success. Therese is the person who can take you there.

Thanks Therese for all you’ve done!

Nancy Marmolejo

I’m acting with purpose & confidence and, better yet, I am seeing the results.

Therese, I am absolutely blown away by the results from just 2 in-the-moment sessions with you over the past 6 weeks! I know that sounds like a cliche, but I have truly experienced some radical changes in my business, including hiring the right people to be on my team so I don’t have to do everything myself and finally generating true passive revenue from products that I had created but never had the time to promote and sell online.

You know I already have a coach to whom I pay the big bucks to help me grow my business. He gives me the ‘how to’s.’ But without your additional support to break through all of my mindset blocks, fears, and crazy assumptions I was literally throwing away all the money I invested with him because nothing was getting done.

Now I’m acting with purpose and confidence and, better yet, I am seeing the results.

Thanks for being in my corner, Therese! You’re just the support I need to make everything work.

Kim Nishida

Applying what I've learned payed off BIG!

I just applied Therese's Serving Without Selling model and signed another 6 month client for my highest priced package. We set up her initial session in the calendar before she even asked me the price! And then she asked about paying it all up front! An "aha" for me has been how much "the serving" part is all about coaching them to invest in themselves in a way they may have never done before (i.e. paying a big fee) but that their dream is so worth it. They can't help but say YES for themselves!

Kathleen Murray

Exceeding Expectations...

Just wanted to say that since joining the Serving Without Selling program I am on target to make what even Therese thought was an unlikely target my first year consulting. And I wrote a book because instead of asking myself "who am I to write a book?" I thought "Who am I NOT to write a book?!" I owned my value. Thanks!

Katherine Graham

Joining Therese’s Mastermind group has been the greatest asset to my business.

Therese Skelly is a gift! When I first met her a little over a year ago, I was spinning like a tornado. It is a pretty typical story – I knew I had a calling - wanted to share it - didn’t know how or with whom. I thought I could be everything to everybody and be successful.

Therese is the best thing that could have happened to my business. She stopped the wild spinning and helped me discover a laser like focus. The biggest obstacle standing in my way was ME and Therese lovingly chiseled away at all of those blocks and WOW! The results have been outstanding!

Joining Therese’s Mastermind group has been the greatest asset to my business. She has helped me to find my voice and to identify effective and profitable ways to be heard. She has provided the tools and feedback I was lacking. I thought I was in a pretty good place when I joined the group, but everything about my business has done a 180 for the better in only a couple of months.

If filling your coaching practice with clients, earning more money because you are charging what you are worth, and influencing others sounds appealing, know that working with Therese can do that. Owning your value and translating that into solid business practices will transform the way you succeed. I am making more money, just sent a book I wrote to the publisher and have clients that want to work with me. I can’t imagine how long that would have taken without Therese’s support and guidance – she fast tracked my success and Therese Skelly is one investment that I am especially grateful for.

Sheila Kennedy

... blasting through the stories and mental chatter that hold me back.

Therese is my go-to coach when it comes to blasting through the stories and mental chatter that hold me back. I call her my ‘barrier removal coach’ because she can quickly get to the root-cause issue blocking my progress and help me get it resolved so I can get on with the business of making a difference through my work.

Therese lovingly, but firmly, insists on nothing but your best. With laser-like focus she identifies where you’re limiting yourself and gives you the insights and strategies you need to do things differently. Therese packs a powerful one-two punch…she not only works her ‘mindset’ magic but once she’s helped you free your thinking she delivers powerful strategies and approaches that get real results in your business.

Shawn Driscoll

She's my secret weapon!

As an entrepreneur I know that the biggest thing that stands in my way is myself. That’s why I’ve become such an advocate of coaches — since I’ve hired a coach my income has increased by more than 600%. And Therese is one of the best coaches out there. When I’m feeling stuck (or my business is feeling stuck) I call Therese and she gets me unstuck and back on track fast. She’s my secret weapon!

Michele PW
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