When Visibility Trumps Ability. . .

What You Aren’t Saying is Confusing Your Audience, Keeping You Stuck, and Preventing Money from Flowing to Your Business. Let’s start with one of those sometimes not so pretty entrepreneurial truths. Your visibility can be more important than your ability. What that means is that your ability is second to your visibility.  In the marketplace you could be the most […]

Stop collapsing! It messes with your marketing.

See, most of us are habituated to constantly allow ourselves to be stopped by those little voices or feelings of fear/doubt, etc. This results in holding back launches, creates overwhelm, costs time, energy and money. Even with the best of plans or growth strategy, this will create a huge gap in your business. It’s really […]

Do You Lie… Or Tell the Truth When You Mess Up in Business

You know those times when things just don’t go right? As a business owner, you get to decide how you are going to handle it. Do you tell your clients the truth? Do you lie and sneak it under the rug? Or do you beat yourself up for days? The article below is about my […]

From pain, emerged my best work

As we come to the end of the year and think about doing some resolutions or intention setting for 2016, I want to share a free training I created. There’s a bit of a back story with this one, and that’s why in addition to it being some of my best work, it’s very special […]

Want more visibility? Ask these 3 questions first.

Here’s my premise. You aren’t being visible enough in your business. You may have bought ‘visibility coaching’ or are doing activities designed to get you out there more. And it can work to some extent. But the reality is that you could do a much better job at it. Except for one thing. You are […]

The #1 Strategy to Handle Objections

A simple concept. In fact, it’s only two words. That is often the difference between handling that weird energy of when someone pulls back, says that they ‘have to think about it,’ or isn’t sure that hiring you is the best thing right now. I’m sharing these two words because they can make or break […]

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