How to Stay Focused and Positive When You Haven’t Seen the Results Yet

Whoa, it is not pretty. Doing that ‘next level’ leap can often make you feel like stuff is falling apart! Here you are sailing along, seeing the new vision for your business, being on track to make the jump…and then the ‘shite hits the fan.’ You know what I’m talking about. Money that had been […]

Do you have a date with destiny?

Recently one of my clients shared something with me that knocked my socks off. She’s a young woman, newer in her second business, and yet knows at a deep level what makes it work. When I complimented her on being so fearless and following the coaching plans we put together she simply said…. “It’s like […]

How to Say Yes When Everything in You is Screaming NO!

Just know this… Everything in you is WIRED to seek safety and minimize risks. There’s that crazy reptile part of your brain that is forever assessing how you can be harmed, what to do to avoid that, and ways to stay ahead of any potential threats. But then there’s the heart, or soul, or Guidance […]

Top Mindset Fears That are Holding You Back

  Imagine this. You have a basement home and you come in one day to find it flooded under a foot of water. So in a panic you call your brother who tells you, “What you need to do is to get a new couch for your living room, that way you won’t notice the […]

Business Beyond Purpose – Happy Business Show

Business Beyond Purpose with Therese Skelly If you aren’t 100% clear on what your purpose is, does that mean you have to wait, or stop until you are? Oh heck no! Often the concept of finding the ideal purpose is a trick of the unconscious part in us that is sabotaging our success. Listen as […]

What if My Marketing Message Makes People Not Like Me?

  Very often, the more we step out of our comfort zone and take a stand in the world, the more we will get detractors.  (Tweet this!)  We can take the easy road to try to blend in, but for the successful small business owner, expertise and ‘celebrity’ only come after being really visible in […]

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