Are You Interested . . . or Committed to Your Business?

This week I’m sharing a video that’s about 7 minutes long. I share with you the #1 thing you must do to be successful on the entrepreneurial path. And it may surprise you. You can click here or on the picture to watch the video. So, are you in? Gonna make the big commitment? I’d […]

What if My Marketing Message Makes People Not Like Me?

  Very often, the more we step out of our comfort zone and take a stand in the world, the more we will get detractors.  (Tweet this!)  We can take the easy road to try to blend in, but for the successful small business owner, expertise and ‘celebrity’ only come after being really visible in […]

Procrastination – Happy Business Show

Procrastination with Therese Skelly Listen in on this episode as Therese discusses: How to manage your time better according to your personality type. Understanding your nature & how it relates to time aversion. Questions to ask yourself to figure out why you are procrastinating. About Therese: Therese Skelly works with heart centered entrepreneurs who love […]

Dog Training and Delegation

I wrote this article back in 2010.  My crazy dog is now 11 and a half.  The lessons I tell about here are still very relevant. Enjoy! This fun article shares some important teaching points as I talk about how an experience in dog training taught me a huge lesson in business! Ok, I’m really, […]

3 Ways You’re Repelling Money – Happy Business Show

3 Ways You Are Repelling Money in Your Business with Therese Skelly Listen in as Therese shares places that you may not even be aware of that is serving to repel money. You’ll learn the part of the brain that allows you to ‘see’ or reject money. Discover how you are being with others’ success […]

Visibility and Business Lessons from

OK, I admit it… I’ve done a bit of online dating. Going about meeting “Mr. Right” that way was quite interesting, and it makes me look at the parallel to meeting Mr. or Ms. Ideal Client as well. I thought I’d have some fun and teach a few business building tips thru the mistakes of […]

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