When Visibility Trumps Ability. . .

What You Aren’t Saying is Confusing Your Audience, Keeping You Stuck, and Preventing Money from Flowing to Your Business. Let’s start with one of those sometimes not so pretty entrepreneurial truths. Your visibility can be more important than your ability. What that means is that your ability is second to your visibility.  In the marketplace you could be the most […]

Want to Feel Better About Your Success? Measure Something Different!

Let’s face it…. We all want more money! We all want financial ease and freedom. And while that can be a wonderful motivator, it can also be a ‘soul-crushing, dream-stealing’ kick in the head! Here’s why…. On the journey to becoming a successful and money-making business owner, you will have times that things don’t work. […]

My Overly Dramatic, Punch-You-in-the-Gut, Works Every Time Solution to Get You Off Your Ass and…

Mamma’s gonna preach a bit here, Ok? You have a huge mission. Your soul has called you into doing some amazing work and helping the people you are supposed to help. At times that can feel cool and yummy… And other times it can feel like an “Oh shit, who-am-I-to-help” kinda burden. So here’s what […]

Time to Push That Baby Out!

Hi, I am warning you ahead of time, I’m going to be talking about childbirth as a metaphor, and while some of you may not have had that experience, you may want to read it because the lessons and business application are pretty darn good. 22 years ago I was 5 months pregnant with my […]

Top Mindset Fears That are Holding You Back

  Imagine this. You have a basement home and you come in one day to find it flooded under a foot of water. So in a panic you call your brother who tells you, “What you need to do is to get a new couch for your living room, that way you won’t notice the […]

What They Don’t Tell You On The Six-Figure Path

(And why you don’t want to buy into the hype that’s out there.) Oh, there is so much to say on this topic! Many will brag about how quickly they got their biz to the six figure mark. They share how it was a journey, and often have their ‘blueprint’ of how they made it […]

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