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BDBF Telesummit – Recordings Purchase

Thank you for your interest in the Breaking Down to Break Free Telesummit!  I guarantee that you’ll be hearing stories that have never been told in this kind of public forum before.

You will be listening and learning from industry leaders as they bare all by sharing how they had their own “dark night of the soul,” leading them to revise, tear down or walk away from businesses they had built but weren’t sustaining them financially, emotionally or both.

And these never-heard-before stories might never be heard again.

After all, the only reason they’re being shared now is because I asked (sometimes begged) that they allow you to hear where they’ve been so you can understand your situation isn’t unusual or anything to be ashamed of.

Which is why the recordings of these interviews and coaching calls are gold!

We want you to learn from our mistakes – and that’s often hard to do if you only hear a story once. It can be hard to find the link between someone else’s experience and yours until you have time to digest and listen again.

You’ll be able to listen again and again (or re-read the transcripts if that’s more your style) to gain further insights and deeper understanding as to what these experienced business leaders did wrong and how you can course correct to prevent the same thing from happening to you.

More importantly, you’ll reinforce that breaking down isn’t a bad thing – it can lead to a much better place if you’re willing to let go of old notions about who you are, what your business is and how you approach it.

And the investment – $147 – is such a small amount to pay for the incredible information you’ll be getting.

In fact, here’s what you’ll have for your very own:

  • Nine 60- to 75-minute interviews with industry leaders
  • Three 60- to 75-minute “Making It Stick” coaching calls to reinforce what was learned that week
  • Transcripts for each interview

You’ll have access to the downloads and as soon as the transcripts are available, we’ll get them to you as well. They will all be digital delivery, so you can read them on your readers or print them out and grab a cuppa coffee and a highlighter!

But That’s Not All!

For the first 50 people to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, they will also receive a three-month membership in the Happy Business Community. Normally $29 per month, this membership will give you access to:

  • A monthly group training/coaching call with me
  • A quarterly “Get it Done Day,” where you work on your individual projects buoyed with the collective enthusiasm of the community encouraging you to make things happen!
  • Nearly 50 hours of training audios

You’ll be making big changes in your business and life after participating in the Breaking Down to Break Free Telesummit. Wouldn’t it be great to be part of a community to lean on while you make those changes?

To get in on the Happy Business Community bonus, you must be one of the first 50 to buy the recordings. So don’t wait! You already have enough on your plate without beating yourself up over missing a great deal.

To put this in motion, click the button below!

Your payment will be processed promptly on our secure servers AND we never share your personal information – ever!

But you may have some questions. So let me answer them.

“What if I don’t have the time?” Great question and its one that is a common concern. Who wants another ‘shelf-help’ product, right? But it boils down to this…we make time for the things that are important to us. Period. If you want to grow, you’ll make the time. Sometimes that means saying no to some things or setting aside chunks on your calendar to invest in YOU! Ask yourself that question. Am I investing in me? Am I afraid of that? Is there something blocking me? That’s the ‘deep dive’ I always talk about as being so necessary. But the nice part of this upgrade package is that you can listen when you make the space for it. And since some people are more visual learners, we are providing transcripts so you can print them out and use that highlighter to really explore the concepts.

“What if I’m NOT in the middle of a business breakthrough?” Guess what…you will be! If you stay on the journey long enough, it’s inevitable! So why not get the material now so you know how to navigate the changes ahead.

“What if I already have a coach?” Awesome! It’s great you are working with someone. This material is perfect for taking to your coach and working through. It will only enhance the work you are doing and not take away from it.


Are you ready for a business you love?