Do you feel like a hidden part of you might be sabotaging your success?

Get rid of it so you can create the business you know in your heart, you were meant to have.

Does this sound like you?

    • You get clear, set your goals, and then for some reason….you can’t quite make it work? (Or as they say, it may be close….’but no cigar’ in terms of the results you desire.)
    • You have worked with coaches in the past and no matter how hard they push or what great strategies they give…it doesn’t seem to fall in place for you like it does for others. So you might feel like something’s wrong with you because as hard as you try, those strategies just aren’t landing well.
    • You know there are different parts of you. The one who wants to play big, but the other one who may want to stay safe seems to counter-act it. (Or the part that wants to lose weight, and then the other one that wants to drink soda and keep eating brownies!)
    • You may have experienced the pattern of stop-start, or overwhelm, or just out and out self-sabotage from time to time when you are focused and ready to break free with the goals you are working on. So you might begin to stop trusting in your ability, and how sad is that.

I will tell you that if you continue on this path you will lose a number of things. Money, confidence, time, clients, opportunity, visibility, legacy and the lifestyle you desire. Because there’s something lurking just under the surface of your awareness that is costing you the things that you really value.

So what happens? Why even in spite of knowing what you should do, can’t you make it work? What causes those ‘breakdowns’ or limiting beliefs that get in the way of success?

What’s in the way of creating what you desire will surprise you

They are called Conflicting Intentions. And here’s how it goes…..

There is a part of you that wants a certain outcome. Let’s say you’d love to make $150,000 next year. So you get all excited, plan for that, move into action, and notice that you may earn the money, but then ‘suddenly’ lose it.

Or you might not even let yourself earn the money.

Why? Because there is another part lurking in your energy field somewhere that you are very likely not even aware of that may believe that if you make $150,000 you will turn greedy or that it’s not spiritual, or you’ll be a bad mom.

In essence if you aren’t ‘resonating’ fully with the original intention by having a conflicting one, you are actually repelling it! Much like the old experiments from grade school, where we learned that if going the wrong direction, two magnets will actually push each other away. And that’s the same for you and your goals.


We all have energy that we carry in our bodies that is not in resonance with what we really desire. But the problem is, you can’t see this, don’t know it, and often are frustrated because it can seem like no matter what you do, the results aren’t showing up.

By using the WaveMaker™ we are able to identify the energy of the conflicting intentions and erase them, so you are free then to resonate with your goals.

How does WaveMaker™ coaching with Therese work?

When working with someone, the first thing we do is to get a baseline muscle test. We then test to see if the thing you desire is something you actually are resonating with. And if not, we ‘debug’ it using the WaveMaker.™

This is a tool I use to quickly blast away anything interfering with you growing your business. It’s the mainstay of my private VIP days, and clients can book sessions for as short of a time as 30 minutes because it’s so deep and powerful and effective! The only condition is that you need to be present with it, so it’s not a virtual experience.

You and I will discover what you want, what is in ‘conflict’ with that, and then release it though the process of questioning, muscle testing, my intuition, and then the WaveMaker™ ‘debugging’ those limiting beliefs/energies.

So imagine having access to all your resourcefulness. Being able to fully utilize what your coaches and mentors are sharing, and allowing all the success and brilliance inside to SHINE.

How would your life be different if the things you desired actually happened? Would your business grow by leaps and bounds? Maybe you’d have the relationships you have always desired. And very likely, life would be much, much sweeter. (Read the testimonials from the folks who have used the WaveMaker™ and I guarantee you are going to want what they got!)

Testimonials from people who I have coached using the WaveMaker™ to shift their mindset


Have you ever watched one of those shows where they clean a kitchen top to bottom and it appears glistening and clean… yet under the microscope lurk deadly bacteria and loads of gunk? Well, that’s how I was when I came to Therese. I had done a LOT of work around my money mindset, my money beliefs and I figured I didn’t need much help. Oh was I in for a big surprise! Therese was able to find, and in her words “debug”, a series of underlying “microscopic” beliefs that were getting in the way of my financial success and confidence. She found subtle nuances in me that were literally telling people “Hey, don’t buy from me!” and proceeded to turn things around. Shortly after our work together, everything started to click. I felt a newfound sense of power when making big offers, my confidence in my own work soared, and I dramatically raised my level of income. I started making in a month what I used to make in a year (seriously!)If you feel like you’ve got your nose pressed to the glass watching everyone else reach 6 and 7 figures in their businesses, you must start working with Therese. You need more than a new tactic; you need your beliefs rewired because YOU are ultimately in charge of your success. Therese is the person who can take you there. Thanks Therese for all you’ve done!Nancy Marmolejo
#1 Visibility Expert for Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs

Therese is a true Rockstar! she’s helped me put together a high end coaching program I’d been struggling with for over a year. In one session, she helped me map it out and launch it within a week. With her help of straightening out some stuff in my own head, I landed my first client (within another week). It was the easiest sale I’ve ever made!Then she brought out her secret weapon… The WaveMaker. That thing is amazing! In that session, I found out a lot of things where I had been holding myself back. After that one session, I felt amazing and had more energy than I had in ages.

But it gets better… Within 2 weeks of Therese and the WaveMaker I signed 3 more clients back to back!

I can’t tell you how much Therese and her WaveMaker machine is a no brainer! She’s helped me play at a much higher level and I’m loving every minute of it!

She just ROCKS!

Ely Delaney

The best thing about working with Therese Skelly on my business and money mindset is that she quickly identified and eliminated the self-imposed limits I had created for myself that I didn’t even realize I had. You see, even though I had everything I needed to double or triple my business income, I was puzzled as to why I wouldn’t follow through or see the full results. But the light bulb went on when we explored how much I thought I could make as an entrepreneur and I realized I had limited myself to earning what I had earned in my corporate career. Through my coaching with Therese, I came to see EXACTLY what the root issue was that held me back and with her help I was able to blast it away in a matter of minutes!With Therese’s powerful combination of intuition, Wavemaker technology and her amazing coaching abilities there is nowhere to hide or lie to yourself—which is a liberating thing! She helped me overcome a lifelong limiting belief I had never even realized was there and I’m now hitting bigger income levels and am amazed at how quickly I’m moved into easy, confident action to help me achieve my bold business goals. I feel as though I’m working at a whole new level because of the mindset freeing work I’ve done with Therese!

Shawn Driscoll

I worked with Therese and the WaveMaker when getting ready to offer a 5-figure mentorship program, the Divine Juice Inner Circle. It helped me own my value at deeper level and energetically prepare to receive the perfect members. I’m happy to say I the Inner Circle is now real and I see how my member’s results are related to the clearing I got from Therese!Lisa Cherney
“Juicy Marketing Expert”
President & CEO Conscious Marketing, Inc.

“Working with Therese has been a huge benefit to my business. Therese has an amazing blend of practical strategy and business savvy, as well as intuition and expertise in the entrepreneurial mindset that allows her to zero in on what needs to be shifted. Therese has used her ‘secret weapon’ on me numerous times with results that are astounding. She brings out the “Wave Maker” technology and within minutes the places I’m blocked get removed. Through my work with Therese I have made more money, shifted my business model, let go of overwhelm, and am more connected with my big vision. (And doing energy clearing myself, it’s doubly powerful to me because I can feel the shifts instantly)

I appreciate Therese’s loving yet direct style. She can cut through layers of confusion and see clearly where my gifts are as well as show me the way to get them in the world in the most profitable way.”

Nathalie Ekobo, MBA

Therese and her magic machine worked wonders on me. (The Wave Maker) I have no idea why they did.

All I know is that within 3 days I landed my biggest paid-in-full –up-front coaching client ever.

Before my session with Therese I had never even OFFERED my big package to anyone and this new client hired me on the spot without a moment’s hesitation.

Loretta love Huff
The Dream Leader for Business Business Coach and professional speaker

As an entrepreneur with a background in marketing and promotion, I’ve enjoyed a lot of visibility and success online. But when it came to “inner” marketing, I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. I was really “stuck” in a few areas and felt like I wasn’t reaching my full potential – especially financially. Fortunately, I saw Therese speak at a conference and was amazed at how she was helping people on the spot. I could hardly believe the breakthroughs people were having. Although I rarely considered the “mindset” part of my business, I decided to work with Therese. I have to admit, it was like magic! In just one, brief session, Therese was able to remove some major stumbling blocks and get me unstuck. It was like taking blinders off and seeing my business in a new light. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in neutral and spinning your wheels, I highly recommend you contact Therese and let her work her “magic” on you and your business!

Lou Bortone
Online Video Marketing Specialist

And here is the ‘techy’ stuff

The WaveMaker™ technology was brought over from Germany by Tom Stone and you can learn more about him and this technology at

Here are Tom Stone’s answers to some FAQ’s –

How does it work?

Inside the WaveMaker™ there are electronic circuit boards. When you hold the connectors (electrodes, rods, wands) they pick up the ultra-fine electromagnetic field energy patterns that are emitted by everything in the body. The WaveMaker™ electronically inverts these subtle energy patterns and sends the inverted signal back to the body where that energy pattern cancels itself out. When a person talks about a particular topic, the energy pattern of that topic becomes present in the electromagnetic field of the body. The presence of that pattern lingers in the energy field for some time, allowing the WaveMaker™ to continuously pick it up, invert it and send the inverted wave patterns back to the body until it is thoroughly cancelled out.

How does the device tell the difference between the natural and unnatural frequencies?

It doesn’t have to. It cancels out everything but in such a subtle way that only the unnatural patterns are destroyed because they are unstable and unnatural. The natural patterns of energy are stable and constantly refreshing themselves from the information in our DNA. The unnatural ones don’t have this stable internal reference so they get cancelled out while the natural ones are constantly refreshed by the built in mechanisms that keep the body revitalizing itself all the time.

Is it safe?

Yes, very safe. The maximum output of these devices is less than 1/2 volt of electricity. To compare this to holding the ends of a AA 9 volt battery between your fingers, you would be receiving at least 18 times the energy output of the WaveMaker™. One of the beauties of the WaveMaker™ is that it creates its results through the principle of resonance not force. This makes it a very safe technology.

Is there anyone who should not use the WaveMaker?

It is very difficult to hurt someone with the WaveMaker™. In fact, we often joke that the worst thing you could do is drop it on someone’s foot. However, to be extra cautious, in is recommended that people with Pacemakers, pregnant women and those with certain autoimmune conditions not use the device.

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