Give me 2 weeks, and I’ll show you how to Rewire Your Money Set Point so you get off that revenue plateau you are on, uncover why you are under-earning, and have tools you need to bring in the money you desire.

In order to make the difference you want, you have to have a money-making business.

But there’s a problem if you are under-earning and maybe even repelling the success you desire.

If you aren’t as profitable because of a less than desirable money set point….you can kiss your business, and your soul-based mission goodbye.


That’s why I’m delighted to offer my new program called:

Let's face it...

Why you are stuck at the level of income you are currently at.

How money set points are created

The hidden costs of money blocks

How to discover if you have a money set point problem

The “Greed/Guilt/God” phenomenon as part of an unconscious block that is actually repelling money.

Clearing techniques so you can resonate with bringing more money in

How to uncover faulty/stuck beliefs and clear them.
(IF you can do this, you are on the road to mastery, because 95% of what drives you is unconscious and BEYOND your control.) This one tool alone is worth thousands over time because you’ll learn how to stay in resonance with your desires and not repel them accidentally.

This class will surface those beliefs and blast them away, so you are free to finally SOAR.

Getting Yourself Set Up to Receive Even More

The Format 

This training is an intensive two-week support designed to hold you really tightly…diving in and discovering why you have the set point you do, how to identify and reset it, and then how to create a new money identity and better money habits.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Training Focus 1

This is where we bring it all together and 

make sure you have your money 

mindset mastered. We'll also make sure 

you have new habits and identity to 

move forward in resonance with your 

money goals .

You will get access to training audios, 

worksheets and specifically designed 

exercises to break through your money junk. You will leave with specific tools to create a new set point so you can bring more money in. 

Learn a new way to “BE” with money .

If you think of money as a relationship, you probably have a pretty sucky lover! Or you are doing a “come here/go away” dance with it because of the habits around money you have that are not powerful.

Additionally we will explore activities and patterns that are not serving you. We will create a new plan to get right with your relationship with money so you can be in energetic alignment.  When this happens, money LOVES to come and find you!

How to Discover What is Holding You Back 

from the Money You Desire

Training Focus 2

The challenge here? Those are mostly unconscious. You didn’t wake up one morning and decide you would limit your income. You are actually dealing with so many factors that are not even in your awareness.

That means that all the self-help books or positive affirmations aren’t going to eradicate it. Sure, you’ll get a bit of movement, but if you want to 


Break free of the money traps you find yourself in .

Move past the income level you are currently at .

Have the luxury of taking care of your family, and health and life.

Make a huge difference in the world with your work.

Finally have a set of clearing tools so you can blast through any additional blocks that emerge .


That’s why I’m offering this program for you!

I want you to have freedom that comes with having more money.

Let me say this – if you do not focus on fixing your hidden money issues, you’ll forever struggle.


Imagine what it would be like to...



FINALLY figure out what’s holding you back, you need to be willing to go much deeper than you have probably even looked before. 


That’s the work. And taking this training will give YOU the tools of being able to clear things as they come up.

If you need help with clearing, rewiring, and implementing your new strategies, then the VIP Package is for you!  

By purchasing the VIP level you will also get the Rewire program and 6 months in the Happy Business Community for free!

Leah Nash

Don't take my word for it!

There are many layers to this "stuff" we carry around with us. I've gotten something great each time I go through this and have made clear progress. Sometimes it's clarity on where I'm at or where I need to focus. Sometimes it's action that can be taken. Sometimes it's results pouring in. Always good, always helpful, always moving forward. 

It just keeps getting better!

Decide right now that you are sick of feeling like a fraud because your income doesn’t match your talent.

This is personal for me...

Having gone through my own “Money Hell” I know what it feels like to be broke, lose your house, file bankruptcy, have a ton of money shame.

I also know how to build it all back on a much more solid/grounded foundation.

In fact, I feel blessed to have all these “losses” because it awakened something in me.

It was my Scarlett O’Hara moment. Seeing the pain in my boys’ eyes as I was crying and emotionally unavailable for months because of the impending loss of our home and stability, I made a vow that I would do whatever it took to make sure no other mother ever had to go through what I went through.

It’s what gets me out of bed every day, and the guiding principle of my business. I want to help free people to make the money they desire.

I’d love to have tons and tons of people learning these tools and to rewire their money set points, so we can impact the economy in a positive way.

Don't worry that your confidence may be wavering because even though you have been in business for a few years, you aren’t past that $70k mark.

You may not feel like you know what to do to blast through it...but I do.

I have done it. My clients are doing it. And I’m one of the best in the business at teaching you how to clear your money/mindset blocks.

I hit the wall time and time again when it came to earning money and I really could not figure out why. I felt like I was doing the right things.

I was employing the marketing tactics that were supposed to attract money into my life and yet my earnings fell flat time and time again.

Rewiring gets results!

Sheila Kennedy

Clearing the money blocks = 

4x more income!

So I had a session with Therese and couldn’t believe the things that came up. I finally could see that I was never going to earn more money because of the self-imposed blocks that were standing in my way.


I hired Therese for more coaching and now I am earning four times what I did before I learned about what my MONEY SET POINT was.

Details and schedule

In this audio, I’ll show you my very powerful Resonance Solution ™ so you can not only identify the blocks that are holding your money set point in place, but also CLEAR them! This tool alone is worth five times the price of the whole class. My clients learn this and then become their own “guru” in knowing what is in their way and how to move through it.

This program consists of two weeks of very focused support. You'll have access to training calls and focused email activities designed to get you really blasting away at your money blocks so you can rewire how much you will allow in.  You will get the home study  material to get started on your own, and also have access to a live Q&A coaching call with me where you can get your questions answered and make bigger strides.

Training Focus 2

Training Details

This set of emails will be sent so you can continue the deep dive of looking at your faulty beliefs, release past money shame, and learn how to better own your value.

We will cover the inner game pieces of why you are blocked, look at the cost, and give you time to understand and explore how your money set point is showing up.

Training Details

Email Activities

Email Activities

Training Focus 1

This set of emails will help you move into more money resonance. We look at tracking, dealing with tolerations, developing new money beliefs and habits, as well as connecting with your positive future money self.

My belief is that once you start taking strides in rewiring your set point, you can keep raising it and raising it. So 30% becomes 50% which becomes 70% and so on.

The Investment

The goal of this program --- YOU WILL EARN MORE!

Instead of bringing in a few thousand a month, when

you learn how to rewire your money set point, you 

can finally get to an income that would really serve 

your life. 

In fact, I have used these exact same tools myself 

to create a six figure business! 

Imagine, for less than $200 you can heal the VERY THING that is keeping you making the money than you want!

If you just rewired your money set point 30%, imagine what would change. (Add 30% to your bottom line with no new effort!) And once that happens, you’ll have the tools, the momentum, and the mindset to keep growing and building from there.

My private clients pay me THOUSANDS of dollars to learn my clearing method. The Resonance Solution™ has helped so many people I work with QUICKLY clear what is holding them back. Just using this one tool can change not only your business…but also many areas in your life as well. Because once you can self-identify and clear what’s in the way….you are in POWER.

Therese has been my secret sales weapon multiple times throughout my business. Every time I work with her I have a surge of business. Having her at my live events to clear the blocks and get totally connected to my offers created 28 people applying for a high-end program that only had 12 openings. 

I had to create a second program to take all of the qualified applicants to work with me!

Rewiring worked magic for her...

Angella Johnson

I more than doubled the size of my program!

To have Therese in your back pocket to clear what is in the way of you fully owning your offers, price points and desires is one of the best decisions you'll make in your business. 

She does her magic with money and sales quickly and efficiently and the results continue to compound. Additionally, she has deep compassion and holds you in loving space, never with even a hesitation of judgment, and it feels amazing to be supported that way.

Can I ask a favor?

It’s my goal to free as many people from the bondage and pain of mindset and money blocks.

Would you please share this page with any friends you want to be more solid financially?

There’s no better way to uplevel your game than having your favorite people engaged in the same conversation. Imagine how much more rewarding it would be to get your friends doing this work, and then enjoy the rewards together. That’s juicy stuff!!

So if you want to join me on this mission, sign up, free yourself from the money hell, and grab a few friends to do it with you.


Guarantee? Yes there is a guarantee. In fact, we make it easy to jump in and say yes because if after working with the first part of the training material you don’t feel like this program has tremendous value, just let us know and we’ll refund your money and stop your 2nd payment. You have nothing to lose.

Bonuses? We have a few nice ones! 

90 days you’ll get access to the Happy Business Community ($87 value). This is a client community where you get access to me/questions/support, as well as some very cool and supportive like-minded business owners. We will have a quarterly Get it Done Productivity Day, as well as a monthly Business challenge/contest with prizes. 



A few more details


Access? Absolutely. All the calls and worksheets will be stored in an easy to use resource center. You can access this 24/7, so you can do the work in your own time.

Support? Oh heck yes! You get the two week intensive + 30 days of email support from me. PLUS the 90 days in the Happy Business Community, so your small investment of less than $200 actually gets you about 4 months of me as your mentor. That’s a darn sweet deal for this price. 

Got questions?

Feel free to email me at