Dog Training & Delegation – The Shift

In my last post, I gave some background about my relationship with my dog, Kailee, and Kailee’s trainer, Susan. I had been struggling with the dog training process. Kailee, Susan, and I had been out walking together when I had the thought, “This is the feeling that I used to have before I outsourced all […]

7 Ways to Avoid Costly Marketing Mistakes! – Part 3

Continuing on with our series of 7 Ways to Avoid Costly Marketing Mistakes, check out these simple and effective strategies: 3. Create a marketing calendar. This way you won’t be tempted to give up. Grab your planner, Outlook, or your Post-It notes -whatever you use to organize your time. Make a day each month that […]

The Top 3 Money Killing Mistakes In Business – Part 3

I’ve been talking about the Top 3 Money Killing Mistakes in Business. Next we are looking at your business model. How is this a place where money is running away from you? Let me give you an example… Just yesterday I coached a business owner who could charge $400/hr in doing some of the specialized […]

"If you build it they will come marketing" is really crap!

While that was an amazing movie, and I usually love the concept of building first in your mind, as a marketer I have to warn you that it may bite you in the butt! I was recently talking to one of my mastermind buddies, Natasha Allrich, about this very concept.  We were sharing the programs […]

Easy Marketing Mistakes to Avoid – And Save $$ in the Process

Marketing Mistakes #2 –Thinking You Have to Spend Tons of Money If you have been following me awhile, you know I’m going to start with the thing between your ears!  Yep, your mindset.  If you feel confident in your products or service, then you have half the battle won.  So many times people don’t feel […]

Marketing Mistake #2–Using the Spray and Pray Method of Marketing

Spray and Pray? You know what I mean. Maybe you pump out an email blast to get people to sign up for your program, then create a flyer you are leaving around town, then go to a few networking events to generate some buzz….then you pray like heck that someone shows up! What’s the problem […]

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