Do you have a date with destiny?

Recently one of my clients shared something with me that knocked my socks off. She’s a young woman, newer in her second business, and yet knows at a deep level what makes it work. When I complimented her on being so fearless and following the coaching plans we put together she simply said…. “It’s like […]

Holly Chantal – Happy Business Show

Kick Brand Shame to the Curb – And Brand Your Awesome! If you’ve ever uttered the words “here is my website, but it doesn’t really represent me” or something similar then you need to be on this call. Your website should a point of pride that communicates with your audience and draws them into your […]

Nothing Broken – Happy Business Show

What if Nothing is Broken? with Therese Skelly Often times in our lives and businesses we look to fix what we perceive as being wrong or not working.  In our constant quest to upgrade or repair, we can often miss the great spiritual lesson of accepting things just as they are. Listen as Therese shares […]

Time to Push That Baby Out!

Hi, I am warning you ahead of time, I’m going to be talking about childbirth as a metaphor, and while some of you may not have had that experience, you may want to read it because the lessons and business application are pretty darn good. 22 years ago I was 5 months pregnant with my […]

Understanding how to own your value

Ever feel like there is a breakdown between your desire to be of service and the need to pay the bills? Most conscious entrepreneurs have a bit of a challenge receiving, and find that asking for money brings up a host of issues that are uncomfortable. (Can you relate to that one?) Unfortunately, we have […]

Simran Singh – Happy Business Show

YOUR JOURNEY TO LOVE Discover the Path to Your Soul’s True Mate Listen in on this episode as Therese and Simran discuss: What Simran’s new book ‘Your Journey to Love’ has to do with building or expanding ones life experience What the two faced intention we all have Why is it important to know the […]

Dirty Laundry – Happy Business Show

Do I Have To Take YOUR Underwear Too? with Therese Skelly In this podcast episode Therese shares a funny story about the battle she has in getting her boys to pick up and put away their laundry. But, in typical “Therese fashion,” she blends in a lesson that will help you relate it to your […]

How to Say Yes When Everything in You is Screaming NO!

Just know this… Everything in you is WIRED to seek safety and minimize risks. There’s that crazy reptile part of your brain that is forever assessing how you can be harmed, what to do to avoid that, and ways to stay ahead of any potential threats. But then there’s the heart, or soul, or Guidance […]

Top Mindset Fears That are Holding You Back

  Imagine this. You have a basement home and you come in one day to find it flooded under a foot of water. So in a panic you call your brother who tells you, “What you need to do is to get a new couch for your living room, that way you won’t notice the […]

Erica Udeanu – Happy Business Show

Finding The Courage To Leap Into The Unknown This podcast is designed to inspire you!  Listen to Erica and Therese talk about the inner journey of the entrepreneurial journey. You will learn: How to trust your inner voice How to tap into your unique gifts and talents How to trust that the Universe always has […]

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